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Once upon a time, no one cared about their how their butt holes looked like. They did not even notice that it was there, save for the time when every person has to use it. But times have changed. And time changing has changed people too. Nowadays, pornography has increased in popularity to the point that pornography is considered the SI unit of how an individual should look like, or perform in the bedroom.

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Suddenly, anal sex started being popular, and with that, more and more individuals started being aware of how their assholes looked like. More so, the assholes skin tone. This led to asshole bleaching. Although it was initially pioneered by adult actors and actresses, it has now grown in popularity to the extent that there are now different kind of butthole bleaching that include self-medicated bleaching using creams and gels and professionals done bleaching using laser technology.

Looking Good

Although there is the obvious advantage that comes with anal bleaching, which is the fact that it comes gives one the confidence that their body looks good when engaging in carnal activities, there are also a few cons that come with butthole bleaching.

What to Avoid

Most of the creams and gels used in the whitening procedures usually contain chemicals that cause irritation and discomfort on the sensitive regions. These creams can even cause burning, scarring and incontinence.

Some creams contain hydroquinone, a compound that has been banned in many countries. The use of this compound has been associated with ochronosis, a skin condition where skin gets permanently discolored. Hydroquinone has also been known to have cancer-causing characteristics, which makes the use of such creams not worth the outcome if they are going to cause cancer.

woman with flowery bikiniBleaching of the anal area can also cause strictures. These make anal canal much smaller and makes bowel movements very difficult. It also causes tears in the anal canal which can become very uncomfortable.

Although skin bleaching is being used all over and even being done by professionals, it is not always a sure procedure. This is because one may not achieve the required results that they intend to achieve. One of the cases of not attaining the required skin tone is that the area around the anus butt hole may end up being completely bleached making the area around the asshole looking darker than the asshole. Bleaching may also at times cause the skin to darken instead of whiten. This worsens instead of improve a situation.

The cons that come with asshole bleaching makes it important that one does not engage in butthole bleaching because the negative outweigh the positive.…